The next Maale Adumim English Book Swap will be held on November 28-30, 2022

Book Swap Times

Dates: November 28-30

Monday, November 28: 18:30 – 21:00

Tuesday: 15:00-17:00 (masks required)

Tuesday 17:00 – 20:30

Wednesday 10:00 – 11:00

Wednesday 18:00 – 20:30


Collection begins on November 20 and ends on Sunday, November 27 at NOON. NO BOOKS WILL BE ACCEPTED BEFORE OR AFTER.

Please put a note in with the bags with your name and the number of books you donated.
Join the Maale Adumim English Book Swap Facebook Group for details on where, when, etc.


Pnei Shmuel
102 Mitzpe Nevo
Maale Adumim

In the Event Hall, one floor down: enter ONLY by the door on the RIGHT side of the building; exiting will be on the LEFT side only.

What Categories of Books Can You Find at the Book Swap

When you enter the Book Swap, you will see that the books have been sorted into the following categories:

  • Fiction (directly on your right)
  • Children’s books (ahead to the right)
  • Best-sellers (ahead – far right corner)
  • Small Classics section (ahead – far center)
  • Non-fiction, self-help, cookbooks (far center)
  • Judaica (to your left)
  • Chicklt (far left and/or in the kitchen area)

What you should NOT donate…

Almost every book swap, people donate books that they cherish but feel they no longer have room for, or worse, books that it pains them to put in geniza and so donate. The end result is simply causing volunteers who are already working very hard to have to work harder, drivers who have already volunteered their time and their gas to have to take that extra trip. Please sort very carefully so that we can finish our jobs more easily. Before you donate, think if you would purchase a book in that condition.

Think why you are giving the book away? Is it a new bestseller that you just purchased and finished and now want to pass on? Terrific, please donate it. Is it a book that you got 15 years ago and it’s a classic but you know you’ll never read it again? What are the chances someone else will? Meanwhile, here are some basic rules to follow, and some donations we have received that we shouldn’t have…

Don’t Donate:

  • Books that are torn (missing front cover, back cover, pages)
  • books with yellow pages
  • Hebrew books (other than religious books, which are allowed, and children’s books in Hebrew are allowed)
  • books that are outdated (1979 Small Engines, I985 Israel tour guide)
  • Small siddurim, small Tehillim, benchers, free Hagadot from Rami-Levy (and other stores)
  • Free books such as the IKEA catalogue
  • Single parts to a set of books (3 out of 4 Mishnayot)
  • Religious books that are not in excellent condition and belong in geniza

Next Step…

Please look through the books you want to donate carefully. Make sure they are not falling apart. Make sure the pages aren’t yellow and there are no ripped pages. Make sure they are relevant to our community and up-to-date. No old tourism books, no old technologies. Even if they are classics, if the quality is good, no one will take it.

Thank you.