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About the Maale Adumim English Book Swap

For more than 12 years now, the Maale Adumim Anglo community has hosted a bi-annual book sale known as the Maale Adumim English Book Swap. The concept was and is very simple. English books in Israel tend to be very expensive and often hard to find. Selections in stores are very limited and in most cases, those few public libraries that feature an English section at all, tend to have older, outdated books.

In the Beginning

The first book swap was held in the backyard of one of the organizers. More books were collected than we expected; more funds were raised than we hoped for. The first charity that we selected was one dedicated to helping families from Gush Katif rebuild their lives. Two things become apparent immediately.

  1. This event was immensely successful and worth repeating. Constantly.
  2. The backyard venue would never be enough and we needed something more.

We quickly found that our local synagogue, Pnei Shmuel was willing to donate their event hall for the next event. And since that time, whenever we’ve asked, Pnei Shmuel has immediately offered us the room at no cost. We are eternally grateful for their generous assistance and know that without their help, we’d never be able to achieve what we do.

The Book Swap in Pictures

From chaos

For weeks before the sale, even months, people begin sorting through their books deciding what they want to donate. We regularly collect 6,000-7,500 books and they all get moved in one crazy night. And the next day…

To order

More than a dozen volunteers work for hours to create a room filled with opportunities. Sometimes, so many books are donated, we have to fill the windowsills and store more books under the tables. More volunteers move those books into place as the tables quickly empty.

To a room filled with shoppers

We usually have people waiting at the door. Some arrive even 30 minutes early. When the doors open, people fill the room and begin filling bags. Children beg for books; people fill the corners with piles of books they want to purchase knowing they’ve bought months worth or reading pleasure while helping raise thousands of NIS for charity. On average, we raise about 17,000 NIS per Book Swap.