How it Works

Every six months or so, we collect thousands of books, sort them, sell them, and donate the proceeds to amazing charities.

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Volunteer Opportunities

All that we do is accomplished by the amazing efforts of dozens of volunteers. We need drivers, packers, sorters, shleppers and more.

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Next Book Swap

Want to know when the next book swap is, here’s the place. Click below for information on the where, the when, the how, as for the why, it’s all about helping others and having fun doing it!

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Focusing on Charities

The Maale Adumim English Book Swap is a unique event that happens twice every year. It has been running for more than 10 years and is a much loved and anticipated event in our community. Dozens of people volunteer, hundreds donate and shop, and thousands of books are collected and sold.

It is unique in many ways – both for its success and for being an event that benefits everyone at every stage.

  • Those donating are able to clear space in their homes for new books while knowing they are helping raise hundreds of thousands of shekels for charity.
  • Those who purchase books have the opportunity to buy bestsellers, rare and unique older books that are hard to find, children’s books, non-fiction, Judaica and so much more. All for a fraction of what the same book, if available, would cost elsewhere.
  • And each year, dozens of families and charities benefit from our generous donations. We have raised and donated almost 400,000 NIS over the last 12+ years.

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